ADC Solution

Aratos Disaster ControlTM is an integrated system that is being created to be used in Crisis Management Situations.

The user can detect in near-real time ongoing and past natural disasters (fires, earthquakes, landslides, etc), observe various natural phenomena and weather conditions (wind, temperature, etc) 24/7. The set of services provided within Aratos Disaster Control™, covers three basic phases of a crisis event: 1. Prevention, 2. Response and 3. Recovery.


The Green Space Services for Local Monitoring is a product of Aratos Technologies S.A. specially designed for monitoring environment, environmental changes, relationship between human activities and wildlife and nature.

Aratos Techonologies S.A. presents an innovative environmental platform, designed to monitor, assess and manage natural landscapes across a variety of interacting factors.

ecm plus solution

The Aratos Earthquake Crisis Management System™ (ECM-PLUS) is a product that has been created under cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) that contributes in the effective management of process of direct alleviation of regions affected by large earthquakes. The integrated system ECM-PLUSTM provides an effective solution for telecommunication in emergency.

It establishes a communication link between the decision making center and the affected region, where the rescue teams act. Moreover, it provides installation of a local wireless telecommunication network at the affected area, in order to provide the means necessary for the members of the rescue teams to communicate.

landuse solution

Aratos Land Use and Land Cover System™ is based upon the categorized representation of the thematic divisions of an area. Such divisions may be defined against environmental parameters (vegetation, water resources, pollution levels, etc), topographic data (agriculture, urban coverage, industrial zones, etc) and much more. Applications may vary among regional and civil design, agriculture and environmental monitoring, overall inspection of an area.

Satellite mobile applications