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  • 03
  • Mar

CityLST is the newest informational layer added to Aratos Earth Observation Platform with much value for the society! CityLST provides highly accurate and timely street-level (ground-level) land surface temperatures (LST), for any given area around the globe.


  • 07
  • Oct

In the renewed Aratos Earth Observation Data Platform the improved DSLF radiation index is added. The Downwelling Surface Longwave Radiation Flux (DSLF) is the result of atmospheric absorption, emission and scattering throughout the atmosphere and can be defined as the thermal radiation that reaches the surface in the thermal infrared range (4-100μm). Its unit of measurement is Wm-2.


  • 25
  • Sep

As part of the radical renewal of the Aratos Earth Observation Data Platform, the improved NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) is being integrated. The ND Vegetation Index is a derivative of satellite measurements in visible and intermediate infrared radiation spectrum, the purpose of which is to capture the existence of vegetation and its photosynthetic performance.


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