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Aratos Technologies S.A.

ADC Solution

ADC Solution

Aratos Disaster ControlTM is an integrated system used in Crisis Management situations. The user can detect in near-real time on-going and past natural disasters (fires, earthquakes and landslides), observe various natural phenomena and weather conditions 24/7.

GreenSSLM Solution

GreenSSLM Solution

Aratos Green Space Services for Local MonitoringTM is our product specially designed for monitoring the environment, the environmental changes, the relationship between human activities and wildlife and the nature.

ECM Plus Solution

ECM Plus Solution

Aratos Earthquake Crisis Management SystemTM (ECM-Plus) is our product created under cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) that contributes in the effective management of process of direct alleviation of regions affected by large earthquakes.

Land Use Solution

Land Use Solution

Aratos Land Use SolutionTM is based upon the categorized representation of the thematic divisions of an area. Such divisions may be defined against environmental parameters, topographic data (agriculture, urban coverage, industrial zones etc.) and more.

  • Satellite added-value downstream services to citizens via customized applications and services to exploit satellite data.
  • Homeland Security and Crisis Management niche turnkey solutions via usage of satellite data in GIS environment and modeling for critical infrastructures, buildings and environs with strategic intelligence.
  • Environmental Protection and Monitoring and GeoIntelligence regarding agriculture, weather data, environmental pollution and vegetation indices, floods, oil spills, earthquakes and other major natural on man-made incidents with real-time alerting systems.
  • Innovative IoT and Cloud Architectures for the benefit of society in several sectors as crisis management, security, education, and healthcare.

Solutions' Portfolio

Aratos has developed a series of products and services based upon satellite technology and remote Earth Observation techniques. Our works vary among full disaster management systems, being addressed to local governments and Civil Protection groups, to environmental monitoring solutions and real-time alerting systems for citizens. We emphasize on the enormous potentials of the acquired information so as to deliver effective insights upon the selected areas of interest worldwide.


  • Integrated use of Evapotranspiration related index (ET) Apr 17, 2018

    The ADC now offers hourly updates of the evapotranspiration index (index ET) as received from the Eumetsat satellite. As an ET indicator we call the effect of evapotranspiration that explains the flow of water that evaporates in the Earth’s atmosphere interface (from the ground and water bodies) and is transported by vegetation through the orbs to the leaves of the plant as a result of the photosynthetic processes.  

  • Open Source Land Use/Cover and Mapping System for the Municipality of Katerini Apr 16, 2018

    Aratos Technologies S.A. implemented for the Municipality of Katerini an Open Source Geographical Information System that uses advanced techniques and applications of remote sensing and exploits open satellite data and imagery.

  • ARATOS GROUP SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ACTIVITY - European Ozone Level Mobile Application Mar 13, 2018

    In the framework of its social responsibility activities and as a sincere attempt to return added-value products and services to the Society, Aratos Group designed, developed and published for general use, the European Ozone Level mobile application.

  • EcoSUSTAIN - Technical Joint Meeting Athens 14 November 2017 Nov 03, 2017

    www.aratos.gr - ecosustain.interreg-med.eu

    Ecological sustainable Governance of Mediterranean protected Areas via
    improved Scientific, Technical and Managerial Knowledge Base
    Technical Joint Meeting
    Athens 14 November 2017, 08.45
    Hotel Royal Olympic

    The Mediterranean region is heavily dependent on natural ecosystems in terms of the quality of life and well-being of citizens, territorial attractiveness and hence the economic value of the whole area. Natural resources in the region are extremely valuable and have been recognized as a major driving force for socio-economic development.

    In order to preserve natural ecosystems and facilitate the sustainable development of the Mediterranean basin protected areas, the overall objective of the European Co-funded EcoSUSTAIN project is to increase the management capacity of protected areas while developing integrated management and networking methodology as well as innovative water quality monitoring tools.

    In order to develop the transferability of the EcoSUSTAIN Project results, ARATOS TECHNOLOGIES together with the other project partners are organizing a Technical Joint Meeting in Athens on November 14, 2017.

    The event will create conditions for the dissemination of the Project's know-how and the future reproduction of its results. Presented project solutions will be presented with an emphasis on satellite images of water quality monitoring. At the Greek level, the pilot implementation of the long-term monitoring solution will take place in the area of ​​ecological development of Karla - Mavrovouni - Kefalovrysos - Velestino by ARATOS TECHNOLOGIES.

    The technical objectives of the event are:

    1) A description of the main results of the project, the means, the experiences,

    2) Presentation of Needs and Expectations by Local Interested Bodies,

    3) Discussion on the verification of the quality of the results, adaptation, direct implementation and future sustainability,

    4) Conducting a Press Conference.

    EcoSUSTAIN Project Partners


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