The ADC now offers daily updates of the Total Column indicators (index TC) as received from the Eumetsat satellite. The TC index provides information on the total columns of four type of trace gases in the atmosphere: O3 (Ozone), NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide) and HCHO (Formaldehyde), for instance their distribution in perceived vertical columns along the layers of the atmosphere.

The ADC now offers hourly updates of the evapotranspiration index (index ET) as received from the Eumetsat satellite. As an ET indicator we call the effect of evapotranspiration that explains the flow of water that evaporates in the Earth’s atmosphere interface (from the ground and water bodies) and is transported by vegetation through the orbs to the leaves of the plant as a result of the photosynthetic processes.  

Aratos Technologies S.A. implemented for the Municipality of Katerini an Open Source Geographical Information System that uses advanced techniques and applications of remote sensing and exploits open satellite data and imagery.

In the framework of its social responsibility activities and as a sincere attempt to return added-value products and services to the Society, Aratos Group designed, developed and published for general use, the European Ozone Level mobile application. -

Ecological sustainable Governance of Mediterranean protected Areas via
improved Scientific, Technical and Managerial Knowledge Base
Technical Joint Meeting
Athens 14 November 2017, 08.45
Hotel Royal Olympic

The Mediterranean region is heavily dependent on natural ecosystems in terms of the quality of life and well-being of citizens, territorial attractiveness and hence the economic value of the whole area. Natural resources in the region are extremely valuable and have been recognized as a major driving force for socio-economic development.

In order to preserve natural ecosystems and facilitate the sustainable development of the Mediterranean basin protected areas, the overall objective of the European Co-funded EcoSUSTAIN project is to increase the management capacity of protected areas while developing integrated management and networking methodology as well as innovative water quality monitoring tools.

In order to develop the transferability of the EcoSUSTAIN Project results, ARATOS TECHNOLOGIES together with the other project partners are organizing a Technical Joint Meeting in Athens on November 14, 2017.

The event will create conditions for the dissemination of the Project's know-how and the future reproduction of its results. Presented project solutions will be presented with an emphasis on satellite images of water quality monitoring. At the Greek level, the pilot implementation of the long-term monitoring solution will take place in the area of ​​ecological development of Karla - Mavrovouni - Kefalovrysos - Velestino by ARATOS TECHNOLOGIES.

The technical objectives of the event are:

1) A description of the main results of the project, the means, the experiences,

2) Presentation of Needs and Expectations by Local Interested Bodies,

3) Discussion on the verification of the quality of the results, adaptation, direct implementation and future sustainability,

4) Conducting a Press Conference.

EcoSUSTAIN Project Partners


The municipality of Nafplio is now equipped with an integrated Smart City system that offers relevant to the citizens' and visitors' interests information on important topics with a simple move of their smartphone in 52 locations throughout the Municipality!

The first heatwave of this year's summer season is already in front of the gates! The next few days are expected to be particularly hot and difficult especially for the sensitive groups of our fellow citizens.

But there are 44 points in the City of Athens that will help you find coolness with just one simple move with your mobile phone!

ADC now includes a new service: a Greenhouse Effect related index (Downward Surface Longwave Flux) of the Earth's surface as received from Eumetsat satellites. DSLF is the result of atmospheric absorption, emission and scattering within the entire atmospheric column and may be defined as the thermal irradiance reaching the surface in the thermal infrared spectrum (4-100 µm).

ADC now includes a new service: Daily updates of Albedo (reflectance / optical brightness) of the Earth's surface as received from Eumetsat satellites. Surface Albedo is measured as ratio of radiation reflected to the radiation incident on a surface. Albedo values shown on the ADC’s map interface are normalized between ​​0 and 1 over areas of 3 square kilometers.

Aratos participates in EcoSUSTAIN project. Its overall objective is to maintain biodiversity and natural ecosystems through strengthening management and networking of protected areas which will be achieved by:
* improvement of management knowledge base,
* improvement of networking and harmonization,
* improvement of water quality monitoring by provision of live, early-warning messages in short-term monitoring (sensor-equipped buoys) and long-term monitoring (satellite imagery processing) means.

Aratos Technologies is responsible for the development and implementation of a long-term monitoring solution of protected natural parks, based on satellite remote-sensing technologies that provide complete, synoptic geographical coverage of water quality of inland fresh water systems (such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers, wetlands and dams). Aratos Technologies will provide the software tool, the relevant implementation manual and also training of users.

Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund
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