Open Source Land Use/Cover and Mapping System for the Municipality of Katerini

16 April 2018

Aratos Technologies S.A. implemented for the Municipality of Katerini an Open Source Geographical Information System that uses advanced techniques and applications of remote sensing and exploits open satellite data and imagery.

Geographic Information Systems refer to automated systems for the storage, processing, analysis and retrieval of geospatial information, which are equipped with hardware and software specially designed to process geographic spatial data.

The Open Source Geographical Information System consists of:

  • Open Software for receiving and displaying processed satellite data on land use / coverage and mapping of the area of ​​interest of the Municipality of Katerini.
  • Open Database Software for proper storage, ranking and easy search and retrieval of provided satellite images, digital maps, etc.

This system has taken into account all the provisions of Law 3882 / 2010 and the European INSPIRE Directive as it is an Open Software System that processes free satellite data and imagery (Copernicus) for the exploitation of geospatial information.

The services provided by this System are:

  • GPS points representation for more accuracy (+ -10cm) in Remote Sensing Data (Satellite) mappings. Accuracy is deemed necessary for further applications.
  • Processed (Orthorectified) Satellite Images in black and white on the required scale (digital format).
  • Digital Map coming from recent processed satellite imagery.
  • Data Collection in Advanced DBMS Systems.
  • Creation of land use/land cover models according to the requirements of Municipality of Katerini.
  • Creation of interactive maps making use of geospatial information of the area of interest based on Web Services.
  • Creation of maps of areas of interest of Municipality of Katerini.

Additionally, the digital map of the basic geospatial information can include the local power grid, road and rail, etc., as well as critical facilities such as PPC, telecommunications, water reservoirs, oil tanks, public buildings and other institutions, hotels, squares, and points of special interest such as grooves, underground passages, bridges and various altitude data

At Aratos Technologies S.A. we are among the first in Europe to introduce sophisticated value-added services for citizens through the provision of products and services tailored to the needs and demands of the final users.

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