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SEOCA’s project Web Site now available on: Visit SEOCA’s website here. SEOCA is a project about GEO Capacity building initiative in Central Asia. In this website you can download the relevant pdf file.

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Aratos Disaster Control is the best solution for Fire Management. This is because Aratos Disaster Control (ADC) has the following advantages:

  1.  In case of fire, the system offers total attendance while on addtional is independent of human intervention (vandalism, stealing etc.) and other indicental or consequential damage (burning, damaging camera/sensor etc.).
  2. It has zero maintenance cost and does not require replacement of equipment or training and constant presence of staff (guards, maintenace)
  3. The total cost ammounts to 1/5 of the cost for small regions and to 1/20 for bigger ones compared with alternatives (cameras, sensors etc.).
  4.  It provides the possibility of direct capture of fire accurately by using Geographic Information System (GIS) at crisis centers.
  5. It acts at the stages of Prevention, Crisis and Assessment.
  6. It does not require special education for the users or new specialized staff.
  7. The system’s architecture is open, allowing for operation and interoperability with other existing systems.
  8. Updating with new services is done without additional charge and with user friendly way, even remotely, without the participation of the end user.
  9. The cost of the protection, update and maintenance of the extremely complicated satellite receiving station and the procedures of treatment of the station affect our company and not the users.
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Within the context of our policy and demonstrating once again our social awareness, our company actively assists in the development and strengthening of Greek sports, supporting for the season 2009 – 2010, the following clubs.

  •  Basketball: Olympias Patras B.C.
  • Football: Achilles Kamares F.C.
  • Volleyball: Alexandroupolis G.C.

You can view the related pdf here

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You can now be further informed by Aratos Disaster Control system v.2.0.4 with three new levels.The new levels are:

  1. Absorbed solar energy by plants
  2. Area’s cover by plants
  3. Area’s cover by leaves

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