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  • 24
  • May

The ADC now offers daily updates of the Total Column indicators (index TC) as received from the Eumetsat satellite. The TC index provides information on the total columns of four type of trace gases in the atmosphere: O3 (Ozone), NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide) and HCHO (Formaldehyde), for instance their distribution in perceived vertical columns along the layers of the atmosphere.

  • 11
  • May

 The overall objective of the European Co-funded EcoSUSTAIN project (Interreg-MED framework) is to increase the management capacity of protected areas while developing integrated management and networking methodology as well as innovative water quality monitoring tools.

  • 17
  • Apr

The ADC now offers hourly updates of the evapotranspiration index (index ET) as received from the Eumetsat satellite. As an ET indicator we call the effect of evapotranspiration that explains the flow of water that evaporates in the Earth’s atmosphere interface (from the ground and water bodies) and is transported by vegetation through the orbs to the leaves of the plant as a result of the photosynthetic processes.  

  • 16
  • Apr

Aratos Technologies S.A. implemented for the Municipality of Katerini an Open Source Geographical Information System that uses advanced techniques and applications of remote sensing and exploits open satellite data and imagery.

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