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Aratos Products and services support many economic sectors every day. Specifically, they:

  • Improve crisis response: Satellite services help shorten response times in emergencies. Swift damage images and assessment maps contribute to more efficient planning and relief efforts, and help guide rescue services.
  • Help regions access knowledge and information: Telecommunication satellites support communication needs when Earth-based solutions are limited. This reduces regional imbalances by serving communities in remote areas without internet access.
  • Increase efficiency in agriculture and fisheries: Satellite-enabled applications improve the mapping of cropland in need of irrigation, harvest forecasts, and fisheries control. This guarantees better food quality and security while safeguarding the environment.
  • Protect the environment and help tackle climate change: Environment monitoring provides crucial information on vegetation, ocean currents, water quality, natural resources, atmospheric pollutants, greenhouse gases, and the ozone layer.
  • Increase security: Satellite positioning, satellite communications, and Earth observation contribute to detecting illegal immigration, preventing cross-border organised crime, and combating piracy at sea.
  • Improve citizens’ health: Space-based applications can significantly improve healthcare and the health education of patients through remote medical support. They also help in preventing or mitigating the outbreak of disease.
  • Optimise transport: When combined with enhanced communication capabilities, highly accurate satellite positioning contributes to a modern and reliable transport sector for cars, planes, and ships. It optimises fleet management, vessel traceability, collision prevention, speed control, assistance for ship manoeuvres, etc.
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In the current era of information, satellites consist a vital pillar of the informational structure towards public benefit. Even not easily seen with bare eyes, they are passing all the time above your heads composing nowadays heavy traffic highways just above earth. They influence several aspects of our everyday life; from communications to meterological forecasts and from television programs to earth observations for the environment, for critical infrastructure surveillance and a variety of other uses.

Satellites help the society get a perceptive view at all kinds of objects (even the smallest ones currently) anywhere in the world. Aratos Technologies is keeping working in the satellite area for over two decades with success in research and commercial division, acting also as an integrator towards holistic approaches of solutions for the benefit of the society.

That means that we work constantly to provide the public with simple or sophisitcated applications and solutions for better and qualitative information regarding the environment, the rural and urban conditions of living, making a clear path for future progress in this technological area.

So, this is what we do: Satellite Applications for the Society.

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