Sun UV Protector, the iPhone application that protects you from the harmful Ultraviolet Radiation, is now available for Android mobiles too. Download it from Android Market only for 0.79 €.

The version 1.1. of the Sun UV Protector, the iPhone application which has been developed by Aratos Technologies S.A. has been released in App Store. The new version includes:

-Changes in the layout

-Share on Facebook utility

Download it from here.

Aratos Technologies S.A. has developed a new site, concerning the forest fires which take place in Greece.

The user can be informed about the current fires in Greece and download Rapid Damage Assessment (RDAs) reports developed by our company.

An RDA is the recording of the burnt areas and the damages resulting from a fire incident. The burnt areas are depicted in a satellite image and are calculated by using satellite data of the date and time of the fire.

You can visit our “Forest Fires in Greece” website here.

Aratos Technologies S.A. has participated in Athena Summer School, the second Athena Summer School, which took place in Pyrgos, Greece, from 3rd to 8th of July. ATHENA SS is focused on the areas of “Wireless Technologies & Applications”.

Aratos Technologies S.A. presented to the students various downstream value-added services which use satellite applications. The audience found the presentation very interesting and educative while many questions were answered and many topics were discussed.

Sun UV Protector provides protection from the harmful Ultraviolet Radiation depending on the location of the user and the current time.
Sun UV Protector alerts you when you have to reapply your sunscreen depending on the current location and time. It provides useful information about the sunscreen that has to be used depending on the skin type.
Sun UV Protector automatically locates your current position, measures the UV Index and initializes a count-down timer with alarm. The UV Index data comes from satellite data specially processed and covers the entire world.

-Sun UV Protector gets your location automatically via GPS
-It retrieves automatically the UV Index
-Automatically initializes a count-down timer with alarm depending on the current UV Index
-UV Index is based on satellite data and is very accurate
-It provides information about the sunscreen that has to be used depending on the skin type

Download the Sun UV Protector here.

Sun UV Protector iPhone Application

Download now the new Sun UV Protector app for your iPhone!

Aratos Technologies S.A. offers and this year a unique set of challenging and rewarding Internship Program for University Students, recent University Graduates as well as Career Changers looking to gain valuable real-worls experience.

We offer a wide range of Internship Opportunities for highly qualified and career-oriented individuals in the following specializations:

Ø      Opportunities within Project Consulting

Ø      Opportunities within Software Engineering

Ø      Opportunities within Sales and Marketing

Download the pdf for further information. Here you can find the application form you have to fill in and send it toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The fire season has started for another year in Greece. Aratos Technologies S.A. monitors the entire greek terrain by using satellite data and images since 2007.

And this year, we are going to send sms and e-mails to the responsible authorities for any fire incident may take place in Greece.

Aratos Technologies S.A. has developed a unique system for disaster management, Aratos Disaster Control. It has shown that it can be a very useful tool for detecting wildfires by using real time satellite data.

Aratos Pipeline Surveillance System, new release

Aratos Technologies S.A., in cooperation with Rainbow Services-Unmanned Aircraft Systems, presents a new release of its product Aratos Pipeline Surveillance System.

Aratos Pipeline Surveillance System includes:

-image operation in different spectral bands (visible, infrared, thermal etc.)

-real-time monitoring of the pipeline system for damages, leakages, hot spots and human intervention

-GIS system for the visualization of the pipeline system (digital maps of the area of interest, depiction of the points where a damage has been detected, depiction of areas of high temperature, potential leakages etc.)

-Alerts via sms/e-mail

The new release of Aratos Pipeline Surveillance System uses:

-High-Resolution satellite data and processing of satellite images

-UAVs for real time monitoring of the pipeline system at close range

With the extra use of UAVs, Aratos Pipeline Surveillance System is a unique system for pipeline surveillance and promises great accuracy, immediate response and much better results.

Aratos Technologies S.A. is taking part on the Kick Off Meeting of the EC-founded FP7 – SAFECITY project. SAFECITY studies the specific requirements for Information & Communications Technology applications for Public Safety to be integrated upon the generic requirements of the Future Internet. The project was formally initiated on April 1rst and its expected duration is 24 months. The Kick-off meeting (3rd-4th May) is being held in Madrid, in the headquarters of ISDEFE, the project coordinator. ISDEFE ( is a state owned company founded in September 1985, through an agreement by the Council of Ministers, with the objective of providing technical engineering support and consulting services for advanced technologies in the Defense and Civil sectors.

Aratos Technologies S.A. is one of the fifteen (15) participants working on the project, assessing the current limitations and technical changes being met in Public Safety ICT, the consolidation of those with the Core Platform of the Future Internet (including the other case scenarios), the development of Proof of Concept development for the SAFECITY project in two European cities (Madrid and Stockholm), and exploring the social, legal and ethical implications raised during research.

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