Aratos Disaster Control (ADC) is offering its disaster prediction and monitoring capabilities in a global scale. We have created a specific use case scenario focusing on Chile, South America, implementing a specific subset of our satellite data layers mainly concerning wildfires.

Aratos Land Cover Difference Changes Ratio Tool

Aratos Technologies, always thinking how to offer more and better tools and fulfill the clients’ needs, has developed a new tool that calculates two Land Cover Ratio indexes, the Farmlands to Forest areas ratio index and the Pastures to Forest areas ratio index.

GreenSSLM 2 is a new generation platform can monitor wide areas of any surface and detect possible malicious changes and effects.

ADC now includes a new, innovative service: Clustering of historical data of Disaster Events in any area of interest.

Athens Authentic Marathon - Aratos HLS Support

View the video below.

Direct integrated use of Snow Cover data maps in ADC.

ADC now includes a new service: Daily updates of Snow Cover maps as received from satellite data.

ADC now includes a new, innovative service: Near real time history data of recorded lightning strikes and thunders with their respective geographical locations and dates.

Aratos Group has created the integrated Disaster Management System, Aratos Disaster Control (ADC).

New website:

We are proud to announce the commencement of our new website Satfotos ( that aims to provide hiqh quality professional services regarding the Global Space Marketplace, providing satellite imagery data of any location on Earth using the world’s most advanced commercial satellites.


New Dutch member of ARATOS Group

ARATOS Group acquired a new presence in the Netherlands with the new company of the Group, ARATOS SYSTEMS.

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